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Horizon Pest Management - Walnut Creek, CA

Pest Control Company and Termite Inspector near Walnut Creek, California

Although I am located in the city of Concord, California, I operate a mobile pest control company and am always happy to travel to the towns and cities within a wide radius of my base, including the nearby city of Walnut Creek.

With more than 46 years of experience as a bug exterminator and termite inspector under my belt – and having run Horizon Pest Management since 2007 – I have built up an excellent reputation in the area for the quality of the work I do and the high priority I attach to good customer service.

I pride myself in using as little chemicals as possible in a bid to make my business green. Everything I do is based on providing the most effective pest control and extermination treatment using the safest non-chemical products.

Among the pest species I will eradicate if they infest your property are termites, ants, spiders, hornets, yellow jackets, rats and mice, and other invasive creatures. I do not tackle wildlife such as gophers or snakes.

I will always carry out a survey to determine what is causing the problem in your home as well as the extent of the infestation and the best treatment method. Because I am a one man band I can spend more time with a customer and offer every client a personal touch.

Termite inspection is one if the specialist services I carry out on behalf of the residents of Walnut Creek and elsewhere. I work tirelessly to ensure you, your family, or your employees feel comfortable in your home or office again.

So don’t suffer with a termite problem or any other pest infestation if you live in Walnut Creek. Call the most trusted pest control expert in the area. Phone Horizon Pest Management on (925) 338-9318 right away and let the professional do the job.

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