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Termite Treatment

Professional Termite Removal and Extermination in Concord, California

Since 1990 I have been certified to carry out termite control using ground baiting. It is an extremely effective method of ridding a property of a termite colony because it poisons the creatures using termiticide without damaging the ground or the soil around the house.

If ground baiting is the technique needed at a property, I will use small containers along with ‘termite bait stations’  with holes buried and spaced about 10ft apart around the perimeter of the building. Wood bases are set inside the holes and laced with gradual acting termite insecticide.

I will always inspect the premises before opting for this method, but if termites have previously been detected inside the building, then ground baiting by drilling is the most effective way of controlling any infestation.

Once the holes are bored I use pine sticks to inject the insecticide. A cartridge, known as an inspection cartridge, measuring half an inch thick and one third of an inch wide and shaped like a cylinder is placed over each piece of wood and the termites are readily attracted to them.

Termites that get into the cartridge and eat the poison then take it back to the colony so it is an excellent means of slowly killing off an entire infestation. As a form of outdoor termite removal, it is the most effective way of controlling a termite population.

Another useful technique is soil treatment using a liquid called Termidor which I place into a ditch around a property. It has a 100% success rate in eliminating termite colonies and it bonds with the soil because it is odorless and colorless.

Termite baiting and soil treatment is a specialist service I am certified to carry out so make sure you contact a professional pest control company if you live in or near Concord and want rid of your termite problem.


Termite Treatments

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