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Termite Inspection

Professional Termite Inspector in Concord, California

I have been carrying out termite inspection for residential and commercial customers in and around Concord, California, for more than 46 years and have developed a reputation for excellent workmanship and first class customer service.

Termites are pests that feed on dead wood so it is important that you have your home inspected because wooden houses are one of their main food sources. Without regular inspections you would never know you had a problem until the damage was done.

I carry out a complete termite inspection both inside and outside your property including the crawl space. I will be able to tell any clients whether or not they have termites because there will be evidence of mud tubes running from the ground up to the foundation.

The tubes are pencil-sized tunnels built around termite nests, wood structures and concrete or stone foundations, and the creatures come out looking for water leaks and wood debris.

With all my years of experience, I can tell exactly what type of termites have found their way into a property. There are many different kinds and they are identifiable by the damage they have caused and how they are getting into the home.

Termite extermination is essential if your property has been infested. They can cause an enormous amount of damage if they get into the subterranean part of your home and can literally eat the floor from under you if they are not got rid of by a pest control specialist like me.

So don’t take the chance and ask the question ‘do I have termites’? Make sure your home is regularly inspected by the best pest control expert in the business. Call Horizon Pest Management on (925) 338-9318.

Termite Inspection

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