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Pest Control and Extermination in Concord, California

Having things buzzing around your house may not mean you’re running a completely efficient household. It may mean you’ve got a pest control situation.

Bees, hornets, wasps. They all buzz.

And you should call us right away if the buzzing comes from anything other than your family’s busy calendar.

It’s too dangerous a job to DIY. You need the knowledge and expertise of a team of professional exterminators.

Calling us for same-day or next-day service dispatches Horizon Pest Management’s owner directly to your home.

There are many applications from which we can select to start you on a pest management program. For your family’s and pet’s safety, we feature green pest control which uses a bare minimum of chemicals.

Termite inspection is essential in the process of buying or selling your house. Count on Horizon Pest Management to identify and protect your investment with in-ground baiting—the best form of termite control.

Successful termite baiting requires proper installation, monitoring and bait replenishment, plus ongoing surveillance of your home. You can trust us to keep your home termite-free with regular inspection and assessment of the baiting program.

Trust us to provide you with all forms of pest extermination.

We’re a family-owned and operated company providing more than 40 years of personalized service to the Concord area. 

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