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Insect Control and Pest Extermination in Concord, California

Residential Pest Control


If you are concerned about there being pests in your home it is important to act fast. Typically when you see one you have hundreds of thousands living on the property. Our team is able to sniff out the source of your pest problem and get to work exterminating them ASAP. 

Commercial Pest Control


When you have a pest problem in your office it can leave your employees or customers feeling uneasy. To help ensure the highest level of comfort we offer superior pest control treatments and green pest control services. For an affordable estimate call us today. 

Lawn Pest Control


Pests aren't just inside your home and office. Many times the root of your pest problem stems from outside. If you have a noticeable colony living in your lawn or courtyard call us. We will treat your home or office with all the necessary precautions to make sure your lawn is pest free.

About Horizon Pest Management

Horizon Pest Management brings 43 years of experience to safely exterminating pests in Concord, California. Our green pest control service is centrally located to Danville and Walnut Creek residents seeking help from professional exterminators. We are committed to ethical practices as a long standing member of the Pest Control Operators of California. As a family owned bug exterminator, we are proud to offer the following pest control services: Insect control, termite inspection, termite services, and much more! 

Calling Horizon Pest Management is an investment in both your family’s comfort and safety. We are a proud member of the Pest Control Operators of California. At home, ignoring the gnarled wood and other signs a termite problem can endanger your house’s structural safety. We dispatch Concord termite inspectors who diagnose an infestation as either a proactive measure, or in response to an existing issue. These tiny insects with a voracious appetite for wood can cause structural damage that can reduce the curb appeal and strength of your house.

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Pest Control and Termite Exterminators

Our local termite control rates are affordable and we have flexible scheduling to ensure a home or business structure remains safe.This makes the peace of mind from our guaranteed pest extermination invaluable to commercial and residential customers. We have the tools for versatile bug extermination that completes mouse or rat removals with the same guarantee as flying insect control. This also means we have the tools for controlling termites from various sources. 

From in ground baiting for a termite colony originating from the lawn, to inspecting the wood sources which are havens for infestation; we efficiently manage the pests that can plague your daily life. Horizon Pest Management understand the importance of eco-friendly pest exterminating. Efficient control of pests such as bees, fleas, and termites is more sustainable with green methods. This is why our Concord extermination is eliminating chemicals from our extensive pest removal services. In diagnosing the source of your ant or mice problem, treating it, and promoting your family’s health; Horizon Pest Management aims for your total satisfaction. Please contact us at (925) 338-9318 to schedule pest control service or an estimate.

Termite Exterminators

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